Collectively better: shaping and delivering Army training for the future.

Team PALADIN aims to become the Strategic Training Partner to jointly develop and deliver assured, end-to-end, land collective training capability for UK soldiers.

Collective training is a mission-critical defence capability requiring a Whole Force approach. We believe in trust and the power of partnering to drive change and mission success.

We combine deep domain knowledge with innovative thinking, sovereign engineering skills with impartial technology expertise, and cross-disciplinary technical know-how with a strong service delivery ethos.

We are Team PALADIN.

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Our Core Values

Serving the soldier

Everything we do begins and ends with the soldier. Our purpose is to maximise mission readiness through training solutions that are rewarding and effective.

Committed to excellence

With a focus on innovation, we find the best solution to achieve desired outcomes. We embrace challenges and are always ready to push the boundaries of excellence to deliver results.

Stronger together

Our strength stems from our combined skills, backgrounds, experiences and expertise. Our authentic partnership approach is built on constructive listening and engagement that enables everyone to play to their strengths.

What is collective training?

Collective training is re-shaping into a capability that is modern and flexible enough to allow army collective training to take place when and where it needs to, supporting commanders at all levels, through easier access to data and analytics, and an improved blend of Live, Virtual, and Constructive training. It is expected that future collective training will be underpinned by a mutually beneficial, strategic partnership with industry.


Contact the team

We want to build a different relationship between all stakeholders and parties; one that that inspires trust and enables innovation.

We are keen to hear from innovative partners who are interested in contributing to the Team PALADIN partner network. Please email us at